Wednesday, December 31, 2008

January 22nd from 5:30 PM-6:30 PM Fortson Public Library is having a Fear Factor contest. The contest rules were created by the Fortson T.A.B and will be judged by the T.A.B. The way the contest works is that there will be at most 10 teams of two people. These teams must finish 5 courses of disgusting dishes brought by T.A.B. Whichever team finishes first will be the winner. There will be a sign up sheet in the front of the library, and you MUST have a partner to sign up. Also, a parent of all participants must come into the library and sign a form allowing their teen to participate.
Now here are the rules:

1. No Being Sick: If you feel you will be sick please don’t sign-up. If you are trying to eat one of the fear factor dishes and become sick or say you will be sick your team will be disqualified.
2. Teams of 2: Two people must sign-up as a team.
3. Parental Permission: Parent’s of the Teens participating must come into the Library and sign a Fear Factor Form at least two days before the event.
4. Time Frame: Each team has 15 sec. to decide which team member will eat. Only one team member must eat per course. The team member chosen to eat has 30 sec. to start eating or they will forfeit that round.
5. Event Length: There will be five fear factor courses. If there is a tie a sixth course will be brought out. The sixth course will be of greater quantity than the other five. The whole event should take about an hour.
6. Calling the Shots: Our judges will be T.A.B members, if they have a dispute, then the YA Specialist will settle it.
7. Tell Them What They’ve Won: The two winners will each receive a $10 gift card to Books-A-Million.

Barf Dip
Blood Drink
Boogers on a Stick
Cat Puke
Kitty Litter
*Bonus Dish is a Surprise*

For more information contact Tara at or 770-954-2812

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