Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2007 Teen Poetry Contest Winners



1ST Place Krista Rhineheimer-Union Grove Middle School

"The Cyclone"

Shhhhhhhh.......Can you hear it?

The silence is all around,

Everything Is frozen,

Fear has engulfed the town

We look out side,

And as the clouds turn gren,

Our lives flash before our eyes,

Having to relive every scene.

The winds start up,

They really can howl,

The quiet cat of death,

is now on the prowl.

The cyclone roars,

'Round and round it goes,

The worry upon the people's face,

Really, really shows

The lighning flashes

The thunder cracks,

We all wish the storm,

Would just go back.

Plop, plop, plop

The tears fall to the floor,

Who knows whether,

We'll see the sun once more.

Crash, Boom, Bang,

Things fly everywhere,

But then everything stops,

Like it was never even there.

We walk outside,

The clouds fade away,

The sun comes out,

It's a brand new day.

Carpe Diem

Means seize the day,

From now on I'll live ,

Just that way

2nd Place Matthew Tatz-Union Grove Middle School


In the winter breeze

There is a dirty dog with fleas.

She doesn't have a home

And she was all alone

I think she is a Golden Retriever

And I didn't want to leave her.

In the cold and alone

Without a home.

I did not sell her

But now I'm her owner.

Now she isn't alone

And she has a home

Third Place-Zachary Pendley-Eagles Landing Middle School



zooms on in,

bounces around,

then darts on out,

trots down the street

and fades away.

High School Divsion

1st Place-Tante Patterson-Henry County High School

Letter To An Unborn Child

I felt your heart beat inside me
I had love for a face I never seen
I will admit
I did not understand why this was happening to me
I just knew my love for you was unseen
Then I killed you with no remorse
Not even a warning of course
I mean that's the way I always do things
Yeah, I never think things through
And in the end it killed you
I hope the Lord will forgive me for all my sins
Only he knows the love I had for my unborn kin
I'm sorry this happened to me....
I mean us
I just hope that in the end I'll have your forgiveness.
2nd Place-Mason Spitler-Ola High School
The Soilder
What goes on in the desert sand?
The Soldiers view seen first hand
Morning comes with anguish and despair
As the Soldier packs up and says his prayer
His company sends letters to those they love
That tells all the things they wish they were free of
Marching to position, his company must wait
For hostiles to unleash their unbelievable hate
Only the Soldier knows the sound of fear
Hundreds of weapons fire from far and near
While defending his country, his friend hit the sand
Crying to God, why must he be here in this land
The bullets, the pain, the overwhelming sorrow
Knowing that his friend will not march tommorow
That night, the Soldier stays up late
Dusting off his armor plate
The Soldier's life for months on end
Hoping it's better around the bend
The Soldier sleeps with dreams of golden gates
For tommorow another day awaits
Third Place-Tanesha Ogle
"When it is Darkness She Fears"
Love is no longer suicidal
Beacause she found that it could be true
Not just break her down
And it is all because of you
She had to leave all that she knew behind
But guaranteed she wouldn't go down without a fight
She grew to weak to fight any longer than she had
She thought she had lost all of hopes light
She walked through the school halls
WIth her head down for days
But when you caught her eye
Her heart flipped in many ways
You caught her at a standstill
As if she were a dee in headlights
The moment she saw you there
Her heart took off in flight
No matter what her heart felt
Somehow she couldn't say the right words
And although they would circle in her mind
She walked by you unheard
And it's odd, because that has never been her character
She has always been the one not too shy
But when it came to you
She was, and she wasn't sure why
She had to say something
or else she would never know
Her heart had skipped two beats
From one simple breathe of "Hello"
Immediately, she felt it in her heart
You somehow dried away all of her tears
And when she is held by you
She can feel everything, but not her fears
She will admit
She has fallen in love so fast
But she wasn't as fast to admit
She has fallen in love with you at last
It is absolutely amazing
The feelings you make her feel
You helped her broken hear
Rapidly begin to heal
You will never know
How easily you opened her locked door
But you mean the world
And even so much more
Her world is spinning out of control
But with you the spinning ends
And from all the hurt in her life
It is you who defends
She feels warmth as she thinks back
About how you caught her heart so facile
As she prays to God that this will last
And you will stay here with her for a while
Your kisses deliver from hell
Your kisses make it hard to breathe
It's the way you hold her close
That tells her it is OK to believe
She is lost when she is with you
The surrounding world does not exist
She is confused on how
You have brought her heart lasting bliss
In the darkness of the movie
You whisper sweet words in her ear
You whisper "I love you"
Knowing that is exactly what she wants,what she needs to hear
But she felt something unexpected
When she told you that she loved you the same
This time it is all so different
No longer does love feel like a game
When she wants to give up
You remind her that she can touch the sky
When she feels as if she is broken and can't continue
You repair her wings so she can fly
She has searched forever
For a love so ever true
And she has only felt love like this
Since she has been with you
When she is tangled up in you
Crashing through the madness
Caught up in the darkness
It's your light that leads her through those hardest places
You once told that hopeless romantic
That if it was the darkness she feared that kept her away
Then you would lead her through it
Step by step, day by day
You bring her back to solid ground
When the world is shaking beneath her feet
You lift her up from her lowest moments
Because of you, those moments she can defeat
Your sweetest smile and tender touch
To you may only seem small
But to her they meen ever thing
It was those that tore down her wall

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