Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winners of the Teen Read Week Art and Writing Contests!

Apologies for not posting the winners of the recent art and writing contests sooner

Winners of the 6th Annual Teen Art Contest in conjuction with Teen Read Week 2006.

High School division

1st place- Song Kang
2nd place- Derek Brown
3rd place- Ryan Lamb

Middle School Division

1st place- Cealia Hsia
2nd place- Jessica Montgomery
3rd place- Desirae Morrow

The Winners for the Kids Love a Mystery Contest Are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Middle Schoolers
1st- Kayla Hesselbach UGMS
2nd-Anika Bailey-UGMS
3rd-Chanel Chauvet-Luella Middle

High Schoolers
1st-Eric Phillips-UGHS
2nd-Thomas Hicks-Homeschool
3rd-Monique DePass-UGHS

Congratulations to all! Thanks for your participation!

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